Ron Martinez, Invention Arts principal and prolific inventor, brings a combination of IP, technical, creative, design, strategic, and operational business experience to his work at Invention Arts. He's enjoyed a twenty-five year career in software and technology design and development and intellectual property creation, and has pioneered targeted, intentional invention methods that produce both patentable IP and advanced product innovation.

Invention Arts is a lab and incubator Ron founded as a vechicle to explore the development of products and technologies of potentially great value that map to large scale changes in technology and its uses.

This work provided the foundation for Aerbook and its cloud publishing service, Aerbook Maker, that enables anyone to create, share, and publish graphically rich ebooks and native apps for all major tablet platforms, made in the browser without writing any code. Aerbook Maker is up and running today, and being used for publications across a range of categories, including educational, illustrated non-fiction, media studies, children's books, humor, true crime, photography and fine art, travel, and more.

Earlier projects at Invention Arts were focused on such topics as redefinining user data to support its use by end-users in a way that realizes its value for both those users and the companies they interact with. Foundational thinking and development on this topic was done both for the World Economic Forum, and for the Finnish innovation agency, FinPro. Other work projects included the mining of topical data across social networks, and the mapping of interests to self-identified end-users, and the design of patent development collectives to address the inhibiting effects of non-practicing entity activities on both innovative startups and large companies.

Prior to Invention Arts, Ron served as Vice President, Intellectual Property Innovation for Yahoo! There he designed and built the IP Innovation function which over a four year period successfully delivered high volume, high quality targeted patent IP and productizable innovation. With his team and a range of company collaborators, he also initiated Yahoo!'s content IP asset management and operations program, implementing a global, real-time rights infrastructure, as well as high profile, global innovation programs. Additionally, Ron designed business development and management functions relating to the IP portfolio, and managed IP acquisition.

As an inventor with twenty-four issued patents to date, and dozens more in application, Ron is expert at spotting and then supporting inventive talent with novel techniques in the process "reinventing invention." 

In earlier experience, Ron served as VP Product, Marketing, and Business Development for Navio Systems, a rights-based commerce company, and cofounded Brodia Group, a pioneer in consumer financial services applications that delivered bank-grade ASP digital payment card services to the majority of top-ten financial institutions. In these roles he implemented pioneering mobile commerce, payment, and marketing solutions, and contributed to or implemented online payer authentication services for MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Ron coauthored and was granted significant digital product and electronic commerce patents during this period.

In 1995 Ron founded a consumer software company called Postlinear that created computer games utilizing a pioneering virtual property commerce technology of his invention. This patented technology covers ownable, transferable virtual property and formed the basis for one of the first massively multiplayer online games, 10Six, which Ron designed and led the development of at Postlinear. Virtual property mechanisms and market models pioneered in 10Six and have become core mechanisms in the game industry, and are now finding explosive growth in social games and gifting services. See the patent here.

During his career Ron has produced, designed, and engineered (with key collaborators) over 30 titles of educational, information, and game software products. His interest in film includes co-founding, with Alex Cohen and WillHearst, the non-profit Undergroundfilm and serving on the board of independent film organization, Film Arts Foundation. In addition, he spent two years on the founding board of what would become Zeum, the San Francisco facility in the Moscone Center bringing technology and art-making to kids from every neighborhood in the city.

Ron Martinez’s Specialties

invention techniques; inventive talent identification and realization; large scale IP tracking and routing systems; intellectual property strategy; content rights; content IP and social distribution; electronic payments; virtual property; online payments; networked games; educational software; social media; social media advertising and marketing; social media monetization; mobile media; media metadata; media sharing and reuse; media remixing; distributed media production.

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